Bug-free Guarantee

At Perfect Software Engineering, we’re always looking for new ways to serve you better. Now we are going the extra mile to offer our clients a bug-free guarantee on all software produced by Perfect Software Engineering. There are a few simple conditions to this offer:

  1. All bugs must be reported to PSE within one year of the project completion to qualify under these terms.

  2. Only completed products are eligible (in iterated development, each iteration qualifies as a separate completed product).

  3. A report must give a cleanly reproducible test case for the bug (intermittent errors will be addressed at our discretion based on severity and feasibility).

  4. The client must be willing to provide us any additional information necessary to fix the issue (for instance, we may have a proposed fix we need evaluated).

  5. This does not cover changing requirements: if it is according to the specifications supplied by the customer, then it is not a bug even if undesired. It is a feature request.

  6. This guarantee only covers PSE code: any defect specific to third-party code is not covered under this program.

In summary: all completed PSE projects are covered by a one-year warranty against bugs, subject to the details above.

So if you’re ready to have software developed the right way with the peace of mind that comes from guaranteed quality, contact us at info@perfectsoftwareengineering.com today!

This is a limited time offer connected with a targeted marketing campaign, so be sure to mention the “Bug-free Guarantee” in your email to take advantage of this unique offer!

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